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On this day, I drove from Tallahassee back to Fernandina Beach, Florida. It was a long, monotonous drive but patches of fire red seedlings on maples added interest. I got back to Amelia Island and hit the beach one last time before I left my trip. I went to Peter’s Point, which has 7 glorious Ritz Carlton suites overlooking the ocean. I’m fascinated by the kinds of architecture you see on beaches, particularly these buildings. There were piles of shells that I sifted through. I then found a lawn chair on the beach and did some knitting until it became colder and darker. I then went into town and saw the remaining sunset of that day.

knitted vacation diary, 1-24-12

on this day, I visited 2 plantations/gardens in Tallahassee: the Maclay Botanical Gardens and the Goodwood plantation. The Maclay had lush forests of blooming camelias, azaleas and magnolias in all shades of pink and red. The Goodwood also had some flowers but more emphasis on the white mansion and the many buildings scattered throughout the grounds. Both had beautiful old oak trees with plenty of Spanish Moss. I saw more pink and flowers on this day than any other day on my vacation.

my newest Henry Darger art yarn has just landed! This one is inspired by a painting of some of his characters coming out of shelter after an infamous Illinois tornado. This yarn has many hand dyed fibers as well as dozens of glass, some lampworked, beads.

Seashell wreathes

I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to these things. I love the way that the seashells are combined with the other elements to form gorgeous compositions. The use of color and texture in these are divine.

Prudence Mapstone, a fiber artist from Brisbane, Australia, produces these shockingly beautiful free-form knits. She makes sculptures, garments, accessories, wall pieces and more. She has an incredible sense of color and texture.

on this day, I went to a couple of beaches on the Gulf coast before heading back inland to Tallahassee. I knitted in some of the shells I found and also some of the numerous docks I saw jutting out into the sea. I visited the colorful town of Apalachicola and crossed the long bridge over the bay, completely surrounded by water. Most notably, I stopped at Wakulla Springs State Park. I saw more wildlife in this deep teal spring and river than just about anywhere besides the Everglades. Small islands of cypress trees filled with alligators, turtles and all kinds of birds. Even saw 2 manatees! d

Emily Nachison

just stumbled upon an amazing fiber artist, Emily Nachison. She makes these huge net-like installations that fill entire rooms among sculptures and many other things. Very inspiring!

Today was a long driving day. We left Fernandina Beach and drove through endless pine forests, dotted with red maple seed pods. Stopped off at Falling Creek Falls near Lake City. A rootbeer colored 10 foot waterfall on a creek off the Suwannee River. As we approached the Gulf coast, it suddenly became very foggy. The fog lasted until the next morning. When we got to St.Joseph Peninsula State Park, I took a walk through steep sand dunes and very interesting trees and plants to the ocean. It was low tide and very atmospheric. Stayed out on the beach until it got dark and then retired to the cabin.

On this day, I spent a leisurely day exploring the Fernandina Beach area. I first went to a marshland park with rainbow colored succulents and many waterways. Then I went on to Black Rock State Park on Big Talbot Island. There was a driftwood beach along with black “rock” mudflats and twisted pine and palm trees. Later that afternoon, I explored the historic downtown of Fernandina Beach with its gingerbread houses. I noted the wild orange and lemon trees in people’s back yards.

on this day, I started a new panel and left Savannah. On the way to Jeckyl Island, I soaked in the landscape of the pine forests, barren trees, marshes and rivers. When I got to Jeckyl Island, I walked around the historic district of houses and mansions in the following color palette: spruce, white, mustard, chocolate, brick, vanilla, lemon, black and olive. Then I went to a driftwood beach. It was gray outside and it matched the color of the water, which contrasted with the white skeletons of trees and pine/palm forest. Drove to Fernandina Beach, Florida that evening.

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