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the Mysterious Floating Cake

When I returned home from NYC in the late evening on December 30, 2012, I noticed that there was a cake sitting on top of my frozen lake. It had one slice gone:

Someone must have done this while I was out of town. I have a good guess of who did it.
For over a week, the temperature was cold enough that the lake stayed frozen and the cake just sat.
Then it started getting warmer and the icy lake began to melt…
There had also been some light rain. By January 11, the cake was beginning to look more weathered and began to capsize:

It was an unseasonably warm day and the ice continued to melt and the cake slowly sank:

It wasn’t long until the cake was completely submerged under water. There were dozens of Canadian geese on the lake but oddly, none of them even touched the cake.
I’m sure the person who did it saw it as a some kind of a joke. But I thought it was more like an interesting art installation (although I’m sure that wasn’t their intention). I shared it on Facebook and it became popular and one of my friends renamed it “the cake on the lake.”
I’m not sure that the mystery of the cake on the lake will ever be solved but it was sure interesting while it lasted…

problems with uploading

Until I restarted my computer, I was having technical problems with this site and unable to post anything new. It looks like that’s been resolved now. I will be adding new stuff shortly!


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